Fluidart x concrete Candle (Black)
Fluidart x concrete Candle (Black)

Fluidart x concrete Candle (Black)

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In the Fluid art x Concrete Candle, the oils are 100% pure, natural, uncut. The scents are specially formulated mixing for different usual and function. We also handcrafted the concrete and fluid art candle jar to let it be one of your stylish homeware collection.

在 混凝土和流體藝術蠟燭中,精油是採用 100% 純淨、天然、未切割的。 這些香味是專門為不同的功用和功能而配製的。 我們還手工製作了混凝土和流體藝術蠟燭罐,讓它成為您的時尚家居用品系列之一。


Scent: Black Pepper + Ginger 

Black Pepper Essential Oil is steam distilled from the pepper fruit and has a strong and sharp fragrance which stimulates and energises. Ginger essential oil has a warm, energizing aroma that can be used to support digestive health traditionally.

黑胡椒精油是透過蒸餾胡椒果實製成,具有強烈而清爽的香氣,有助激活思緒。生薑精油氣味辛香溫暖, 傳統上用來幫助消化系統維持最佳狀態。


Container size: 7.8 (dia.) x 5.5 (H) cm 

Net weight: 120g

Approximate burn time: 30 hours